• Hubba Hubba HubSpot

    Have you heard of HubSpot? If not, check them out and get on their mailing list. Here’s why…. I have been “following” them for a couple of years now. It […]

  • Guest Kathy Morelli May 30

      U Smile Radio Thursday, May 30, 2013 4:00 PM/EST Click here Kathy Morelli’s Bio: Meet Kathy Morelli Licensed Professional Counselor, Author, Speaker, Friend Kathy is a Licensed Professional Counselor […]

  • Guest: Steve Rizzo May 23 2013

    U Smile Radio Thursday, May 23 4:00 PM/EST   Steve Rizzo, I LOVE this guy … Here’s a thought… Life circustances just don’t happen TO us, our lives are what […]

  • The Inside Story

      How many times have you said to yourself … “If only I could take a peek, or be a “fly” on the wall to see what goes on …” […]

  • Guest Bob Burg Author of The Go Giver May 16 2013

    U Smile Radio and Bob Burg, Author of “The Go-Giver” and “Endless Referrals” 4:00 PM/EST, Thursday May 16 2013   If you ask Bob Burg what being a “Go-Giver” is all […]

  • Getting Found

    I find this to be pretty interesting. How you view this info will determine how serious you are about blogging and getting “found” on the internet. There are over 643 […]

  • Push Through And Celebrate

    Right now I’m a Leader in a Mastermind group with Networking Superstars.  I love it. I am learning skills in how to facilitate a group, how to motivate and inspire […]

  • Vibrant Dialogue Connects

      So.. you walk into a crowded room. It’s a networking event. You walk around and find the table where the bowl is to collect business cards. Someone approaches you […]

  • Ready to Connect

      I look forward to it …. So… interested? Leave me a comment below, like and share Be amazing, Lesly    

  • Think Value

      What is value? What is valuable to you? On a personal level, value has always meant something close to my heart. An object, a movie, a song, some thing […]

  • Give Your Fan Page Some Love

    Learning how to “work” the internet comes in layers. First there’s learning to be careful about what keys you tap on your keyboard so as not to delete anything or […]