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Push Through And Celebrate

earthBeginningRight now I’m a Leader in a Mastermind group with Networking Superstars.  I love it. I am learning skills in how to facilitate a group, how to motivate and inspire others. At the same time helping them with their goals, including my own…

In the beginning,  I was nervous, uneasy, uncomfortable, doubting my abilities to lead a group. Would I be able to generate motivation, inspire them, help them with their goals in learning and implementing the Newtworking Superstars way of marketing?

To be a Leader,  one must be able to lead oneself. I had to learn the culture of Networking Superstars and go through the trainings created by Gavin Mountford before I could become a Mastermind Leader.

Oh my gosh, I thought. What does he mean “create a funnel” and how do I create the perfect customer – create an avatar. What? And then there were the teaching modules of looking at the “big picture” then breaking it down. Learning SEO, Target marketing, traffic solutions, blogging and so much more.

More importantly, shifting a way of thinking – Putting people first Instead of slaming them with my opportunities first….

The shift  in thinking and behaving was this – focusing on building relationships before the pitch.

It was overwhelming. I felt I couldn’t keep up. My head was swelling with information, and moments of what seemed to be hours of pondering what to do first, and then getting sidetraked by new income earning programs, and what tools to use to build my own business …. and working my day job … and … and ….

I was all over the place.

But that’s part of growing. This is all part of learning something new. Then the magic happens. Questions appear out of nowhere to guide you through confusion and overwhelm ….

  • is this important enough to do the work
  • what will I learn from it
  • how will I reign myself in to focus on what’s important
  • what can I say “no” to
  • what can I say “yes” to and commit to
  • how can I rearrange my schedule
  • what do I need to do to manage my time better

Feeling overwhelmed is a good thing.

It means you’re stretching your brain and expanding your life. Taking on something new that will generate new learning experiences.

It’s not the “thing” you’re doing or learning. It’s how you approach it, view it, respond to it, retain it.

Tony Robbins will be the first one to tell you that no matter the challenge in life, pushing through it will yield a result. What kind? It totally depends on your way of thinking and your beliefs about yourself and your life.

I have learned through personal experience that something good will always come from any challenge or life upset. No matter what the challenge is….

If you are willing to look for it …

My overwhelm and doubt generated a new felt sense of strength and confidence. When the next life challenge comes along I’ll remember how I handled this one, and this one, and that one …

We are meant to be challenged in life. We have all been challenged in some way – it’s what we do with it that can be enlightening.

As Robin Sharma says, become comfortable with being uncomfortable …..

And that’s where the new growth in your life happens…

So. Are you overwhelmed? Push through it, look for the learnings of it, and celebrate…


Tell me, what overwhelms you and what you’re learning from it! Like, share , and comment below.

Be amazing,


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24 thoughts on “Push Through And Celebrate

  1. Helene Martin says:

    Hey Lesly your post is fabulous without exaggerating LOL I mean. For someone like me, it’s like you just describe my situation.I ‘m now in the VIP and i watch all Gavin Tutorial and i feel like i’m so far away. But the fact is I love learning my challenge is more to choose what is important to learn and what’s not. So I,m happy to have you as a leader you do a Great job. Helene Martin

    • Lesly Federici says:

      Ah Helene,
      Thank you for that.. we are all learning together and we are stronger and smater for it. With anything new there is always a “learning curve” and it’s all good because the 2nd or 3rd time you look at what you’re learning, you understand it better and better and better than before, and you can absorb more. YOU are doing a fantasic job! Thank you for the complement.. overwhelm is nothing to be overwhelmed about… LOL So glad we are working together …

  2. Steve Vernon says:

    I’ve never been one who is uncomfortable with change.  In fact, I love the variety and growth that comes from change.  Perhaps that (variety) is one of the seven human needs that Tony Robbins talks about that I find to be one that I seek most to fulfill.  On the other hand, it seems the older I get, the less likely I am to instigate those changes myself.  I’m open to them, and I know they help, and even force, me to grow.  Perhaps the older we get, the more we seek certainty and comfort, which is a bit scary to me.  The moment we stop enjoying  and seeking change and growth is the moment we begin to cease being.

    • Lesly Federici says:

      Hey Steve,
      Very insightful comment … I feel like I want to experience more … maybe because the years are running out and I’m getting closer to “any day now” when ever that is… could be tomorrow. There is such a richness in conflit, change, challeneg – some may disagree, but it’s what I’ve found to be true for me and in many ways it fullfils me. It’s life experience and relationships that fulfill, not things… thanks Steve for coming by and your comment ….

  3. Alan Jenkin says:

    I have worked with several Mastermind groups in the past, although I’m not currently involved with one. I’m sure that working with Gavin must be inspirational for you – in fact it show in your post, Lesly :)  I have known Gavin (in an online sense) for a few years now, and he always inspires me.

    Masterminds are a great tool for pushing through those barriers that keep springing up!


    • Lesly Federici says:

      Hey Alan,
      Yea Gavin is a great guy and very generous with his knowledge … thanks for syopping by and your comment ….

  4. Branka Babic says:

    Hi Lesly, this read comes to me timely, as read as comments on it.  This is a good opportunity to check out if I have sustained enough flame, to give the re-birth to my passion for the novices.  I am offered to co-host one radio talk show, of course in English. To avoid debate among my weak and my powerful points, I accepted it, already setting up myself  “in know how”.  Some could call it unthoughtful or even irresponsible, some brave, and I call it reasonable. If I am “ïn know how” … what can I do than bests of bests?  That way in my student days, I gained a knowledge of 2 scool years of Latin language for nearly 2 hours, and I got a “very good” mark :).  From that time, I do not discuss to any pro-et-contra, just I go stright to my goal.

    • Lesly Federici says:

      Ah Branka,
      wonderful to see you here … that’s good that you go straight to your goal and succeed! I appreciate your visit, you sharing your experiences and look forward to more … thank you for your visit and comment …

  5. Chery Schmidt says:

    Hi Lesly! Ebrace discomfort What Great Advice Love it!! I would like to share something that I heard from one of the speakers at a live event last spring.. I cannot remember his exact words but it was something on the terms of overwhelm he stated it was better to be over whelmed then underwhelmed and this just makes sense Right? you did a wonderful job with this post and a great choice with the video as well. Thanks for sharing Chery :)

    • Lesly Federici says:

      Hey Chery,
      I agree with what this person said! Overwhelm is a sign of growth, being challenged sprouts new ideas and solutions, creativity – if you’re willing to look at it that way … thanks for the visit and your comment …

  6. Rachel Lavern says:

    Good for you Lesly!  When one stretches herself beyond her comfort zones, she are growing.  I always ask my clients to recognize that being uncomfortable is a part of growth…feel the discomfort, get excited about it and celebrate the achievements.

    • Lesly Federici says:

      Hi Rachel,
      Absolutely, comfortable with the uncomfortable … I love it… thanks for the visit and your comment..

  7. David Snell says:


    Love your post , and I know the feeling.Back in the day I was a trainer for AOL new hire classes , one of my fav take aways from training was this. If you did not get  nervous before you started teaching your class then there was something wrong . Also I may never remember everyone by name from my classes , but I’ll never forget the building of relationships and the impacts which where made on both sides of the fence.

    • Lesly Federici says:

      Hi David,

      Teaching others is always about building relationshipd and mentoring them.. it’s exciting and rewarding.. I love teaching.. thanks for your visit and stopping by …

  8. Holly says:

    That’s my motto these days… Do it uncomfortable!!  Or get comfortable with being uncomfortable.. Sometimes easier said than done!  And sometimes easier to do in certain situations….  What a great timely post for me, Lesly… A reminder for me to step out and get more uncomfortable as I move forward…

    • Lesly Federici says:

      Hi Holly,
      Nice to see you here… yes, it is easier said than done, but when you start exploring, and challenging yourself more and more it gets easier because you learn you’ll survive … when that happens, you grow more confident .. thanks for the visit and your comment …

  9. Babis Gakis says:

    Hey Lesly,

    Love this: “Putting people first Instead of slaming them with my opportunities first….” Took me a long time to realise that and it is definitely helping me with my mindset in my  network marketing business. I have discovered that people are interested in benefits for them not features of our product or service.

    Robin Sharma makes great sense – great video.

    I sometimes feel like I am taking on too much but I am enjoying it and definitely learning a lot.

    • Lesly Federici says:

      Hi Babis!
      It took me a while too… but changing our mindsets about business online will change things, and it’s really nothing new either. Building relationships has always worked the best first … and benefits always come first.. glad you stopped by…

    • Lesly Federici says:

      Babis …
      Hah ha.. fun right? I’ll be breaking into the thousands soon …

  10. Marc Korn says:

    Hi Lesly,

    Great post, as usual and very inspirational. Excellent choice with the video.

    I love how you manage to personalize your posts by sharing your own journey to illustrate
    the teaching points.

    It is so important to stretch ourselves and move out of our comfort zone if we are going to continue
    to grow. There are always going to be new challenges and obstacles for us to overcome as that is
    just a fact of life and our character is shaped by the way we handle these challenges.

    The outcome may not always be the one we are looking for, but as long as we tackle the issue, problem or challenge head on…we will grow from the experience in many ways that may not even be obvious to us. But,
    it will make future challenges easier as we hopefully learn from our experiences.

    To your continued Leadership,



    • Lesly Federici says:

      You say the nicest things… thank you.. I love how you express yourself so well in writing … :-)

  11. Princess Shimari says:

    Interesting insights Lesly. If you didn’t say it, I would not believe that you were overwhelmed and un-sure of yourself in the beginning. You handled it very professionally, because we always thought you were in control of the group.

    You are doing a great job. Thanks for giving of yourself and for motivating me to do the same.

    • Lesly Federici says:

      Hi Yvonne,
      Only goes to show you I am human… and I have my moments. I am very comfortable now. So now I have to find something to get me uncomfortable again LOL. so I’ll continue to grow….. Thank you and I’m glad I’ve helped in some way :-)


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